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Transforming Communities by

Empowering returning citizens with guidance, support, and dignity as they transition back to their communities. 

We help our friends come home.

For life.   

1 in 3 Ohioans Return To Prison Within 3 Years Of Being Released.

When returning citizens are released from prison, the feelings of excitement and joy walking through the gate soon fade into anxiety and frustration as they encounter difficult barriers and endless challenges:

Lack of necessities like personal hygiene items, clothing, and a cell phone. 

Meaningful employment opportunities.

Difficulty finding affordable housing. 

Frustration identifying and signing up for the types of public assistance they may be eligible for.

Trouble finding basic health care providers, and woefully inadequate mental health care opportunities. 

No mentorship or peer support due to being stigmatized by negative perceptions and misconceptions. 

The men and women who are released from correctional facilities every single day have received minimal preparation and inadequate assistance and resources, which makes their re-entry back into their communities challenging. 

Often this leads to the worst possible outcome...heading back to prison. 

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Transformed Lives Lead To Thriving Communities.

Welcome Home For Life Network (WH4LN) supports and empowers returning citizens as they transition from incarceration back into their communities. Our communities.


We supply emotional support, guidance, and friendship through a network of volunteers who walk with returning citizens down the road toward long-term successful integration.


These mentors help overcome transitional challenges by assisting with important and critical resources: housing, employment, social services, and transportation to essential appointments.

Everyone deserves a second chance at a productive life, and our mission is to ensure each citizen released after incarceration has every possible opportunity to create new, productive lives for themselves, which strengthens the communities in which they live.


Our Services Are Built Upon Three Pillars Of Support 

Education and fellowship on the inside develop into trust and respect on the outside. 

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Life Builders is our flagship program
we offer selected inmates close to their scheduled release date that prepares them to reenter society. This reintegration programming uses volunteers who provide instruction and moderate group discussions on behaviors and attitudes essential to successful reentry

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72-Hour Reentry

The first 72 hours of release from
incarceration is the most vulnerable time for a returning citizen. Our reentry pack  includes a duffle bag with basic personal supplies and a cell phone, along with a gift card for purchasing clothes, shoes, and hygiene care items. 

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Using our volunteer mentors, along with recently released citizens for peer support, WH4LN provides guidance and support, and helps connect returning citizens with housing, social services, transportation, and work opportunities. It’s a caring community whose purpose is to assist with the various transitional challenges that can be so difficult to navigate alone. 

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What Can I Do?

If you're like us, making a difference by helping the most vulnerable in our communities is very important to you.


WH4LN is a 100% volunteer organization where all funds raised are used to provide the 72 Hour packs to returning citizens, along with special networking events throughout the year.  

We currently offer our programming at Chillicothe Correctional Institutional, but our long-term goal is to provide services in every prison throughout the state of Ohio.


We can't do that without volunteers to grow with us. 

Please join us as a volunteer, or help us fund a 72-Hour Pack. 

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