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What We Do To Transform Returning Citizens Into Restored Citizens.

Life Builder
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Life Builders

Life Builders is a program coordinated by the ODRC Office of Religious Services, the Chaplains Office, and reentry services at Chillicothe Correctional Institutional that offers a curriculum to help prepare selected inmates to reenter society as they approach their scheduled release date.

A Life Builders volunteer team of approximately 10-12 men travel to Chillicothe twice each month and meet with 10-12 participants selected by CCI staff for the three-month program, and this begins the 1-one-1 mentoring program.

The principles of Life Builders are as follows:

  • Establish basic life plans and goals for the successful reentry of returning citizens.

  • Faith development provides the underpinning for heartfelt emotional and spiritual strength.

  • Returning citizens are best guided 1-on-1 by a mentoring Guide through pre-and post-release. LBCCI/WHLN mentors are called Guides and mentees are Travelers.

  • It takes a loving network of people to support a returning citizen.

  • Returning Citizens can only become Restored Citizens by changing the habits, friends, and lifestyles that put them in prison.

Our mission is to expand into other correctional facilities throughout Ohio and we need your help to make that a reality.


Please consider clicking below and contacting us to learn more about how you can become a Guide for WH4LN and help transform Returning Citizens into Restored Citizens. 

72 Hour Bag

72-Hour Pack

The first 72 hours after release from prison is when our returning citizens are the most vulnerable. Many face a lack of support from family or friends and they may feel isolated, alone, and overwhelmed by the sudden change.


They may not have a place to stay, food to eat, or transportation to get around.  


There are many social barriers to overcome including the stigma of having a criminal record and discrimination trying to find employment, housing, or other basic necessities. They often suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD.  

The WH4LN 72-Hour Pack provides a duffle bag packed with important basic necessities such as gift cards for clothing, a cell phone, and personal hygiene items. Having these can help returning citizens maintain their dignity and sense of self-worth, which is important for their mental health and can help them feel more confident and prepared as they navigate these challenges. 

100% of your financial gift goes to filling these 72-Hour Packs, allowing us to hand them to the returning citizen as they're walking through the gate back into society. 

Click below to donate today and help us build packs for our friends soon to be released.  

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